Roland Bialke poster
  • Name :

    Roland Bialke

  • Nicknames : Slinky,Roland Ionas Bialke,
  • Born : 01/05/1982 in Berlin, Germany
  • Biography :

    Roland Bialke is a german professional wrestler and actor.Bialke was born in Ost-Berlin, GDR, as the second child of the teacher Monika Marianne Großkopf and the fourth child of the policeman Achim Kühn. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall Bialke was introduced to the western part of the Großkopf-family, which is related to Friedrich Gottlieb Großkopf: One of the first promoters of professional wrestling in the German Reich.In 1998 Bialke started producing TV-shows for local broadcatings networks in Berlin, such as "Fenster aus Berlin (FAB) and "TV Berlin". Also he co-created the program "Der kleine Spengmeister" at this time. Later he founded and supported different internet-crime-networks, with contents like hacking, lockpicking, chemistry, real life-crime and explosives. Further he became a publisher for grassroot-networks like IMC Germany and Wikileaks. After writing several books about explosives he decided to work in the professional wrestling business.In October 2009 Bialke started to train pro wrestling under Ahmed Chaer, Crazy Sexy Mike and Alexander Wolfe in Berlin and Dresden, Germany. One year later he debuted as "Robert Großkopf" in a match against Colby and Steve Corino. Bialke worked international under the ringname "Slinky" for different promotions, such as Ligue Nationale de Catch, German Wrestling Federation, westside Xtreme Wrestling, Charly Schulz Promotions and German Stampede Wrestling. Meanwhile he became an actor and stuntman in different music videos (Die Atzen, Emil Bulls), tv series (Metaboheme, Circus Halligalli) and movies (Immigration Game).

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