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    Desi passionately believes that good things come to those who seize the day-and every opportunity. And her experiences have proven that opportunity combined with preparation create luck. Not blind luck, but instead purposeful luck created by growing, learning and connecting with people. From that philosophy alone, Desi has been met with great success. Dr. Desi Williams, PT, DPT is a television host, actress, and television personality with a Doctorate degree in physical therapy and a past life as a college professor.You might say that Desi has not planned for the life she lives, but instead has always worked tirelessly to ensure she is prepared to take on whatever comes her way. Knowing that opportunities and risk-taking often go together, Desi moved to Los Angeles in late 2017 to expand her career as an on-camera talent.Prior to her move to Los Angeles, she worked full-time as a faculty member at Hampton University in eastern Virginia and a Physical Therapist for Riverside Health System. Additionally, Desi served as Miss Virginia USA 2016 and finished as a Top Ten Finalist in the 2016 Miss USA Competition. Prior to winning Miss Virginia USA in 2015, she held several other titles, including Miss Virginia 2013 (competing in the 2014 Miss America Pageant), National Sweetheart 2012, and Miss Hampton University 2011. She was also a castaway on Season 35 of Survivor on CBS.

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