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    Damien Bosco

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    Damien Bosco initially received his acting training in New York City from the late Elizabeth Dillon, a former Broadway actress from the 1940s and 1950s who taught at HB Studios. His first scene partner was a nephew of Sanford Meisner, who introduced him to the Meisner technique. After continuing to take acting classes, Damien performed in a long-running comedic play called Line, playing the dumb jock Fleming. Damien had his first lead in a short film called Backstage that was accepted to the Rome Independent Film Festival. Damien played a lead role in the recreation TV series Catch My Killer on the Investigation Discovery Channel, and had a lead role as a Detective in the Independent feature, Breakthrough Weekend. Damien received a BS degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MPA degree from Harvard University; and while living in New York, Damien received a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

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