Max Renaudin Pratt poster
  • Name :

    Max Renaudin Pratt

  • Born : 07/14/1998 in Paris, France
  • Biography :

    Max was born in Paris, France on July 14th (Bastille Day!) 1998 and was raised there until the age of 13. His mother, Galia, was a producer, author and talent manager in the movie industry in Paris and his father, Yann Renaudin, a famous feature film recording and mixing sound engineer. Max is of French, American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, English and Native American decent.He attended bilingual schools and excelled in extra-curricular activities (Judo, Fencing, Horseback Riding). Thanks to his parents, Max started his acting career at the age of 3 in the Dubbing Industry as the French voice of Drew Barrymores son in "Riding In Cars With Boys". From then on, Max was one of the most demanded child dubbing actors of his generation. When Max was 4, his was chosen to play Antoine, a child kidnapped by Roms, in the French TV Movie "Par Amour Pour Toi" ("For The Love of You").His passion for acting was born.A few months later, Max was asked to act in an institutional movie called "Listen..." ("Ecoutons...") to promote awareness of battered children/domestic violence. When he was 5, the director Marie Donnio wrote for and shot with Max a series of short TV vignettes called "Et Pourquoi...?" ("But why...?"). Max played the role of Elliot, a very hyper active child who gives his single dad a hard time by always asking "But why...?". When he was 6, Max played the part of another Elliot in the short movie "Chicago Blues", directed by Sylvain Dardennes, where he is confronted with the death of his grand mother. At age 7, Max was chosen by another famous director, Safy Nebout, to play the part of Young Igmar Bergman in the Theatrical short movie compilation film "Enfances" ("Childhoods"). For this, Max won Best Actor at the 2007 Contis Film Festival in France. The following year, Max was chosen to play Marceau, one of the main children characters, in the epic WW2 TV series "Un Village Français" (A French Village).At age 10, Max was cast as Fabrice Luchinis son in the Theatrical comedy "Les Invités de mon Père" (My Fathers Guests) as well as Dominique Pinons son in the mini series "Le Romancier Martin".He then played Zack, the youngest son, in the TV sitcom "Les Parent". When he wasnt shooting, Max continued to work as a dubbing actor and was the French voice of Max on "Parenthood", Luke on "Modern Family", Tom Riddle in Harry Potter 6 and Albus Severus Potter in Harry Potter 7.2.He was also the French lead voice of Badou, Babars grandson, in the BBC cartoon series "The New Adventures of Babar". Max also created voices for various productions: he was the English voice of Shaun Mars and Scott Shepard in the video game "Heavy Rain", for which he also did the Facial Motion Capture, and was the English version narrator of the Fiat Punto Evo car commercial.He then was the voice of SamSam in the original French cartoon series SamSam, as well as the lead voice in the highly acclaimed French Animated Feature Film "Zarafa" (released in France on Feb 9th 2012), directed by celebrated French director Rémy Bezançon. At 13, Max moved to Los Angeles with his mother and spent 2 years perfecting his English. He went to the Lycée Français de Los Angeles (school his mother attended from kinder garden to 12th grade and from which his grand-father, director Jean-Yves Prate, was the first graduate) and attended the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School. At 15, he returned to Paris, France to finish high school and train at the Method Acting Center and at the Bilingual Acting Workshop. Upon his arrival in Paris, Max was chosen by his mothers longtime friend and famous French actor Jean-Pierre Michael (of the Comédie Française) to star in the multi award winning short movie Impact. Max was then chosen to be the French voice of Carl in Shameless as well as Robyn Arryn & Olly in Game of Thrones. After graduating high school, Max moved back to Los Angeles, with his mother, to pursue his acting career.