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    Drew Koles

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    Andrew Richard Koles was born in Sacramento, California on October 15, 1995, but spent many of his early childhood years living in British Columbia, Canada. Like any other boy growing up, he enjoyed playing with his friends, sledding, and playing pretend games. He was acting out scenes from Star Wars at an early age and by the time he was eleven, could quote entire passages of dialogue from each of the films. It became his dream to act, and at the age of twelve, he received lots of attention following a monologue he performed at a talent event. It wasnt long before he signed with a manager and talent agent. To further his dreams, his family moved to Los Angeles where Drew immediately started auditioning and on his thirteenth birthday booked his first two roles. Since then, he has had numerous roles in film and television including, Easy A (2010), Who is Simon Miller? (2011), Arcadia (2012) and a guest star role on Hart of Dixie (2011-2012). Recently, Drew performed the lead role of Tom in five performances of the Neil Labute play Fat Pig. He is always looking to play a wide variety of characters and in the future hopes to also work behind the camera as a director and producer.